For PKO’s employees

Finland’s best employee benefits

A staff discount of 3–25% depending on the location and product

In addition to Bonus, you will receive the staff discount from nearly all S Group outlets across Finland when paying with the S-Etukortti card. The entire S Group’s personnel benefits are available here:

Performance-related bonus system

A performance-related bonus system for all employees means that you will receive more pay when you do your job well.

Extensive occupational healthcare

Occupational healthcare with more extensive services than what is required by law. Leisure-time accident insurance The early support model helps to cope with work.

Exercise services with ePassi (ePassport)

After working for four months, you will get an ePassi. Employees who work more than 10 hours a week can receive 400 euros of benefits per year, and employees with less than 10 hours a week can receive 200 euros per year.

More affordable accommodation

A cabin holiday at Koli, spa packages, and hotel services at staff rates.

Banking services

A Visa card with no annual fee. Loans at staff rates. Read more about S-Bank's personnel benefits and the terms and conditions for applying:

Career development and advancement

Job rotations, internal transfers, diverse training, various project tasks, and annual development discussions.