PKO as an employer

At PKO, we want to be an employer you can trust to build your future with, even amidst global turmoil. The well-being of our employees is of primary importance to us, so we never cut corners with our excellent occupational healthcare, employee benefits, extensive induction training and quality management.

Why work for PKO?

PKO is a great place to launch your career

A satisfied work community guarantees our success. We continuously invest in our employees so that they feel their work is significant and take pride in their work and their employer. In fact, our HR work always aims to make us the most desirable, respected and competent service industry employer in North Karelia. At PKO, everyone can have a say in their work duties, develop their skills and advance their career. We make combining family life and work as easy as possible, and we are flexible if an employee’s circumstances change.

Here, every person is equal. That is why we offer students and persons with special needs opportunities to take their first steps in working life with internships and summer jobs, for example.

Heartfelt service from North Karelia

We focus on good management to ensure that our motivated employees have successful customer interactions every day.

Research shows that PKO employees are satisfied. Indicators of our good work community are the low employee turnover, sick leave, and accident figures – all of which are lower than the national average. For many years, our job satisfaction survey has produced results that have been substantially higher than the average employee job satisfaction at Finnish companies.

We succeed together

Job satisfaction is critical because the cooperative's success hinges on its personnel.

The ethical values of cooperative business, such as caring for other people, are the guiding principles of our HR work. These principles include respecting our employees and valuing their work, justice, equality and well-being at work.

What are cooperative activities all about? The attached video provides more details about the operations of a cooperative company and shows what it is like to work there, where the personnel play a triple role. At PKO, we are all simultaneously customers, owners, and employees.