Retired PKO employees

Employees who have retired from PKO often have very long and varied careers behind them, and some continue to work even in retirement. We are also pleased to offer purchase benefits and other topical rewards to this personnel group as thanks for their years of work.

PKO Pensioner’s Club

Work and the working community are a large part of our lives, and the void left by its absence in retirement can be difficult to fill. The PKO Pensioner’s Club was created for this purpose in 2016. PKO retirees can join the club, and there is no separate membership fee. The club has approximately 350 members who meet several times a year for various activities. PKO is actively involved in supporting the club’s activities.

‘You see people from the co-op, friends, and acquaintances at these events,’ says Raili Kinnunen, chairperson of the Pensioner’s Club from its inception.

You can join these events, which are reported in PKO Sanomat (PKO’s magazine) and Karjalan Heili (a local newspaper), or by contacting our secretary Anja Laukkanen.

The year 2022 will kick off in January with the Board meeting, and an annual meeting is set for March. Plans for the upcoming year include a bicycle trip, trekking, and a visit to Valamo Monastery.

‘We encourage active participation and development of our operations,’ Raili says.

The club has organised meetings, visits, and group trips, such as an autumn foliage sightseeing in Koli, a trip to Tallinn, and a volunteer yard clean-up in Petrinlahti.


Christmas event for pensioners

Every year, we gather together for a Christmas event with PKO's pensioners to enjoy the programme and a delicious Christmas meal.


Staff magazine PKO-Sanomat

A magazine delivered to employees’ homes is a way of telling them they are valued. We also want to remember those who spent their careers working for the cooperative society, and the PKO Sanomat staff magazine is also distributed to pensioners. You can find future Pensioner’s Club meetings and current events in the PKO Sanomat magazine.

Purchase benefits

When your employment has continued uninterrupted for more than ten years, the purchase benefit, or the staff discount, continues into retirement.

Careers in retirement

Are you interested in working during your retirement? We offer pensioners the opportunity to work at PKO after the end of their actual career – at just the right amount of hours for you.

You can find our open positions here