Diverse jobs

Cook, waiter, café and restaurant employee

PKO's restaurants, pubs, and cafés offer work for cooks, waiters, and café and restaurant workers. Restaurant cooks prepare lunch and à la carte dishes according to the recipe. The restaurant outlets range from à la carte restaurants to fast-food restaurants and pubs across North Karelia. Fast-food restaurant employees make hamburgers and pizza. Restaurants that serve alcohol require waiters to have a proficiency certificate for serving alcohol, and being qualified as a responsible manager is an advantage in the job. The Hygiene Passport is required for cooks and restaurant employees. Jobs at pubs and nightclubs include customer service, serving alcoholic beverages, cleaning, and ticket sales.



Hotel professional

Receptionists, floor attendants, breakfast staff, and sales representatives work in our hotels. For example, the receptionist is responsible for customer service at the hotel or spa’s reception desk. Their duties include taking room reservations, taking care of customers checking in and out, and billing. The floor attendant's work is what our customers notice first when they arrive at our hotel. The floor attendant is responsible for the hotel’s cleanliness and that the customer arrives in a clean hotel room. Breakfast is one of the highlights for our hotel guests, and the breakfast attendant is responsible for providing the customers with a successful service experience. Their main task is preparing the hotel breakfast and taking care of the breakfast table for the entire breakfast. Your task as a sales representative includes selling PKO’s various hotel, restaurant, meeting and event services over the phone.

Service station store employee

Our ABC service station stores are hectic environments for retail and restaurant professionals who are interested in a diverse range of tasks and enjoy being busy. You will serve customers at the grocery store, Hesburger, and café cash registers. Sometimes you will take care of the buffet, tidy the dining room, work the dishwashing shift, and engage in kitchen work, according to your abilities. In addition to preparing à la carte meals, your duties at ABC service station stores include making fast food and pizza. Some of our ABC service station stores are open around the clock.


We have sales professional positions at S-market, Sale, Prisma and Sokos stores. A salesperson's duties include working the cash register, unloading goods, and shelf stacking. The work also includes selling betting services and potentially Posti mail services.

Sale is a place for multi-talented grocery trade professionals willing to work alone. The service market is open at the S-market on Rantakatu and Prisma, and other S-market stores also have baking points. Duties at service markets include handling meat and fish, preparing salads and to-go lunch products from recipes, and active sales work.  At baking points, salespersons handle baking and displaying fresh pies and pastries.

Our Prisma hypermarket employs the most employees out of all our grocery units. In the cash register department, salespersons are responsible for fast service and accurate money transactions. Information point salespersons provide service in all matters related to Veikkaus and Toto betting products and mail. Grocery departments are places for salespersons who like fast-paced and physical unloading and shelf stacking work and shifts that often start at 5:00 a.m. A salesperson’s duties at Prisma service stations include handling meat and fish, preparing salads and to-go lunch products from recipes, and active sales work. The consumer goods department requires salespersons to have extensive expertise in the department's product selection (such as clothing, construction and renovation, entertainment and appliances, garden and yard, and sports).

Located in the centre of Joensuu, the Sokos department store employs fashion, beauty, and interior design salespersons. An S hair salon is also located at Sokos. Working at Sokos requires personal and solution-centred sales work. You will benefit from training in cosmetology as a salesperson in our beauty and cosmetics department. We hire our salespersons per the commercial sector’s collective agreement.


Salesperson, co-op member services, and S-Bank

S-Bank and co-op member service professionals serve our customers at Prisma and Sokos's S-Bank service points and S-market locations. Accuracy and experience handling money are prerequisites for this position. Experience in sales work and business studies is an advantage. The service salesperson's duties include handling co-op membership matters, basic banking services, and instructing our customers on other banking services.

Hairdresser, cosmetologist, florist

Our hair salons are located next to Prisma, Sokos, and the S-markets in Kitee and Lieksa. To work as a hairdresser, having training and work experience in the field is an advantage, and the work tasks for this position are diverse, including make-up and beauty salon work.

Our florists work in the S-kukkakauppa (florist) that operates next to Prisma. In S-kukkakauppa's duties, you need expertise in floral design, floral arrangements, and customer service skills.


Supervisory and specialist work

There are different opportunities for supervisory and expert work in PKO’s various fields of business, from store management to marketing planning.

In addition to these, we have many other assignments in our business field. How would you like to be a slope worker, dressmaker, ICT support employee, entertainment host, social media specialist, corporate salesperson or real estate manager?

These are currently our most typical job positions. However, we cannot know what job opportunities we will have in the future. Within the past ten years, we have had new job opportunities open in event production (Rock events, Uumen), revenue manager operations, marketing sales, and S-Bank, bonus, and mobile help desk services. Future job positions depend entirely on the direction of our business development and organisation. That is why we encourage you to come to work for us and see if we can find a suitable assignment just for you in the future.


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