Captain Sanna Cortes of Pub Kolumbus and Gastropub Vispiläkauppa is a true globetrotter. She has been with us since she was 15, and not even a decade spent in Spain could make her forget about being a member of the PKO team, which increasingly entails matters important to her, such as environmental and solidarity work.

I started working as a restaurant manager at Pub Kolumbus at the beginning of year 2022, but PKO and I have known each other much longer than that. PKO was already a familiar workplace to me through my mother.

As an energetic 15-year-old, I got the idea that I could join in, and walked by myself to Kimmel to ask for a summer job at the hotel. I stayed there for a long time, until I moved to Spain when I was about twenty. I lived there for ten years or so. After returning to Finland, I wanted to work for PKO once again, so here I am.

Based on my own experience over a long time, I think PKO is a reliable and people-centric employer. The best thing is security and continuity, even in difficult times. For example,

during the coronavirus crisis, when the hotel and restaurant business was in trouble, it was possible to work in retail instead.

It’s been easy to balance family and leisure time with the work. And PKO has always offered a workplace that has suited my personal situation at each time. There are opportunities for training and career development. We also have quite extensive employee benefits. They include discounts and bonus accumulation, but the best of all in my opinion is Epassi.

I’m particularly proud of PKO’s contribution to environmental issues. We’ve decreased our carbon footprint, used solar power and engaged in solidarity work. These are important things to me personally. Yes, I can say this workplace suits me perfectly!