Pia Hämäläinen has studied for all the professions she dreamed of as a child, and she first became familiar with PKO while working in one of PKO’s restaurants during her studies. When Prisma’s first hair salon opened, she knew what to do. Eventually, after an eventful journey, her passion led her to become a manager.

Currently, I work as the Service Manager and Manager of Prisma’s S-parturi-kampaamo hair salon. My work includes planning the work schedules and managing the employment relationships. I also work in our shared appointment booking service.

I first came to work in PKO’s restaurant side of operations. At the time, I was studying to become a hairdresser, and I worked in the Tempo restaurant alongside my studies. After graduation, I naturally began working in my own field as a hairdresser, and I also completed studies in cosmetology.

In 2009, a hair salon was opened in Prisma. Because I was already familiar with the employer, I applied to return to PKO as a hairdresser and cosmetologist. After working for a few years, I changed my field to commerce due to an illness and worked in S-market for nearly two years. I began thinking about going back to studying and ended up graduating from a business school. After my graduation, S-kauneus was looking for a beauty salon manager to fill in during a maternity leave. After the temporary position, I worked for another employer for six months as a financial management expert until this manager position became available. I applied, and here I am!

The best thing in PKO is the people. I mean everyone who I’ve worked with here, not just the people in my own unit. We have an amazing team spirit and co-workers here. We also have excellent opportunities for training. For example, I have completed a vocational degree, business school, guidance counsellor training and now a vocational degree of immediate supervisor work as the latest training alongside my work.

Additionally, I think PKO is a very good employer. It is a large employer, which means it is also secure. It provides all these training opportunities and excellent employee benefits. PKO takes care of its employees.

PKO really is a perfect workplace for me!