Eemeli Rantaeskola from Joensuu found employment as a salesperson at PKO through a work try-out. At first, he stayed for the next summer holiday, and he did not stop working even during his university studies. Finally, through several changes, his career led him to S-Rauta Nurmes, where he is working as a sales manager. 

I have been building a career at PKO since 2014. It all started when I needed to think of something to do, as I was not working yet and did not have a place where to study either. Through a work try-out, I had the opportunity to work as a salesperson at S-market Rantakylä. After a try-out of six months, I was happy to be able to continue working at the same store in a summer job. From Rantakylä, I moved on to S-market Karsikko, and after quite a lot of changes, ended up here in Nurmes.

I currently work as a sales manager at S-Rauta Nurmes. My work tasks include managing and organising the daily operations. I am responsible for administrative duties, work shift planning, procurement and the development of operations. I ensure that customer service is functioning well, and the level of service remains good throughout the day. I participate in shelving and customer services, so I also get to do some practical work at the store. The best thing about this work is the variety: every day is always a little different here.

PKO has always been a great employer from my perspective. It has enabled a great variety of work duties, as well as career development. I have really been able to work in every task. I have been gathering experience at different grocery stores, Prisma and a hardware store. In addition, PKO has made it possible for me to study alongside the work, so that I was able to graduate as a Bachelor of Business Administration while continuing in my job. Balancing work and personal life has also succeeded well, even though I live in Joensuu at the weekend and in Nurmes during the week.

We also have excellent employee benefits. The Epassi sports benefit especially is very welcome. It also encourages you to get a gym card every now and then.

I don’t hesitate to say that PKO is a workplace that suits me perfectly.