When walking along the aisles of Prisma Joensuu, you may have noticed and admired projects designed by Eetu Lätti, such as the Eglo Shop in the luminaires department and Jelppi in Prisma Rauta. Many graphics and social media productions that you have encountered may also be Eetu’s handiwork. 

My career has now lasted for slightly more than 10 years, and it has been quite varied. I originally started as a salesperson in the home appliances department, advancing to the position of product group manager and then through supervisor training to marketing and communications. I have been able to create my current job description – it didn’t exist before. I don’t think a similar position exists in any other co-op.

I work as a designer here at Prisma Joensuu. I’m also responsible for marketing and in part communication and social media at our outlet. My work tasks include graphic design, social media productions and various projects. One example of them is the Eglo Shop in Prisma’s luminaires department, which I designed and set up myself in collaboration with Eglo.

The best thing about my work is that I get to do things in my own way and learn new things every day. No two working days are ever alike. In this job, I get to truly fulfil myself.

PKO has been very flexible towards me. During my career at Prisma, we have had three kids, and this has required quite a lot of flexibility at times. It has been possible to stay at home with the kids and in cases of illness, alternative working methods have been invented for me so that I have been able to support my family. Of course, my current work duties also allow me to work remotely.

Having created a job for myself that didn’t even exist before and seeing the results of my work whenever walking along the aisles, I can only say that this workplace suits me perfectly!

Marketing and communications are fields that currently change lightning fast. Three years after completing his studies, Toni felt that he needed to update his knowledge and skills. Thus, six months of study leave was agreed with his employer.

‘That was arranged very smoothly, too. Six months, I’m sure, will go by in a flash, and then it'll be nice to come back to my great colleagues and supervisors. I hope I can bring back something new as a souvenir. I’ve always had help and support when I need it.’