Saara Karjunen is a restaurant chef currently working at the Kontiolahti ABC. For Saara, offering high-quality food and good customer satisfaction are the most important goals of her work! 

My name’s Saara Karjunen, I’m 33 years old, and I grew up in Kontiolahti. I’m working here at the Kontiolahti ABC as a service station employee. After ninth grade, I started studying to become a restaurant chef, because my mother was also a chef and it had been my dream profession since childhood. After that, I also completed waiter training.

I ended up working for PKO after working for a small company for ten years, and I wanted to expand my job description. At ABC, I can genuinely do that.

My typical workday starts by catching up with colleagues and checking the kitchen’s stocks, the cleanliness of the dining area and the salad bar. If we’ve set a buffet table, we also keep that in proper condition. I also work at the cash register and prepare meals in the kitchen, including à la carte meals and pizzas. The customer always comes first, so I meet them at the cash register even if the food is already prepared. Once the customer has everything they want, I go back to the kitchen.

Customer satisfaction is important to me. Our expertise allows us to prepare high-quality meals from high-quality ingredients.

PKO is a flexible and safe employer. We have varied jobs and working hours. This helps me keep my daily life rolling smoothly.

I’m motivated by maintaining and developing my professional expertise. At PKO, I can also work at other units, which further expands my job description.

I can say that PKO is an employer that suits me perfectly!