Kari Kontkanen is a 64-year-old systems specialist who has already retired after working for an impressive number of years. However, he decided to enjoy his retirement while working with people. He now works as a mobile advisor, travelling between outlets across the region and helping customers. It’s very fortunate we found each other! 

My name is Kari Kontkanen. I’m a 64-year-old pensioner, and I currently work as a mobile advisor at PKO. My previous work experience comes from my career of about 35 years as a systems specialist with the same employer.

I retired in August 2021 when I reached retirement age. However, as I was in quite good physical condition, I thought I could still do something other than just quietly enjoying my retirement.

I would have gladly continued at my previous workplace, but the office moved to another city.

I browsed the Oikotie job service and noticed that PKO was looking for a mobile advisor. I decided to apply for the job and was invited to an interview. I was already surprised during the interview that I could have the opportunity to get another job as a pensioner, which was what I wanted. In this work, the most important thing to me is contact with people. I get great motivation from helping people and seeing them satisfied.

My work as a mobile advisor is largely independent. During the week, I work at several outlets all around the region, which has been very nice. I get to meet a lot of different people. We have our own core team that meets regularly, but PKO employees from different outlets occasionally visit us as well so that we can chat with them. I think this strong and diverse work community is a great advantage in this workplace. Of course, we also have concrete employee benefits that I’ve recently studied in more detail – and their level has surprised me.

I’ve discovered this is a job that suits me perfectly!