Toni Simonen from Joensuu has good things to say about his employer:

‘PKO is flexible and fair. I’ve had the opportunity to perform many interesting job tasks, and now I can supplement my expertise during my study leave,’ Toni states, presently packing his bags for a period abroad.

Toni has a degree in business administration in marketing. His alma mater is Karelia University of Applied Sciences, where he received his degree in 2018.

‘I applied to Prisma thinking I’d start at the cash register, but my supervisor, Janette Vepsäläinen, placed me directly into S-Bank. My work there was nice and varied for the next few years, including working in information and as temporary help at busy cash registers. I opened accounts, ordered cards, and handled matters related to co-op membership at the S-Bank service point. I felt that my work was valuable in helping people in their various life circumstances.’

But Toni was drawn to marketing. On PKO’s social media team, he was able to write stories and make videos about the co-op from the staff’s perspective.

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic changed the jobs of many PKO employees. Prisma stores also gained many new employees from the travel and hospitality industries.

‘At this point, I figured I’d ask if there were more marketing-related tasks for me. And there definitely were. I became more and more responsible for Prisma and the entire PKO’s social media activities.’

In 2021, Toni was given a new title in his employment contract: Social Media Content Producer.

Marketing and communications are fields that currently change lightning fast. Three years after completing his studies, Toni felt that he needed to update his knowledge and skills. Thus, six months of study leave was agreed with his employer.

‘That was arranged very smoothly, too. Six months, I’m sure, will go by in a flash, and then it'll be nice to come back to my great colleagues and supervisors. I hope I can bring back something new as a souvenir. I’ve always had help and support when I need it.’