Heidi Sormunen, who works at Prisma Joensuu, is a solid customer service professional who serves our customers in many different places. You may have met Heidi at Prisma ABC, Prisma Rauta, the cash registers or perhaps when getting vaccinated! 

I found employment at PKO when I was working at another department store during my studies. I’m trained as a public health nurse. My contract with my previous employer did not continue further, so I applied for a job at Prisma, having heard good things about it. Prisma’s location was very good, and I thought that I would get the opportunity to work in different departments and broadly increase my skills.

At Prisma, I work at the self-service checkouts, the Prisma Rauta cash desk and the ABC car wash I’ve also occasionally worked at the PK Terveys healthcare centre, recording vaccinations. I ended up at PK Terveys after there was an enquiry in the Workplace system on whether there were any employees at PKO with a nurse’s training who would be willing to work at PK Terveys with vaccinations. I sent a message saying that I could come over. I wasn’t authorised to vaccinate people, so I worked as the person recording the vaccinations.

The best things about this work are the changing tasks and the work community. I want to ensure that my work remains meaningful to me, so I always come up with new ways to develop myself. PKO helps in this if the employee is willing. We also have a great work team at Prisma. There is such a large group working here that you inevitably find the right people around you.

PKO is a very flexible and adaptable employer. Employees have the opportunity to get more training and do the things they want to so that they can enjoy the work. Job satisfaction is also advanced through great employee benefits. I particularly like the restaurant benefits, and we also have great consumer goods employee benefits. In addition, the employer supports our wellbeing through the Epassi system, and I frequently use that benefit.

I can say that PKO is an employer that suits me perfectly!