Minna Auvilahti works in Prisma’s grocery department. She is an energetic and easy-going professional who effortlessly handles both early morning shelving and evening shifts, as well as the online shopping service and the hidden bottle room. 

I’ve worked at PKO for nearly 12 years, doing all sorts of things. Before joining PKO, I was a dressmaker. It was a clear choice at the time, because I like working with my hands a lot. Then I had three children and spent about eight years at home. I decided I needed to start doing something other than just staying at home, so I applied to several places, and my application to PKO was successful.

I’ve also been able to use my previous professional skills at PKO. I worked for a year for Sokos doing clothes repairs and alterations while working as a housekeeper at Kimmel. I stayed there for ten years, until the coronavirus pandemic started to have an impact on the hotel and restaurant business.

Fortunately, PKO is a very reliable and people-centric employer. I’m a good example: when the coronavirus pandemic started and our hotel was closed, I didn’t need to worry.

Moving on to another job in retail was straightforward. It’s also possible to change your job position here if you want to try something else. There are always training options to develop oneself and expand one’s professional skills.

I’m currently working at Prisma. I’m usually shelving products as early as 5 a.m., but I also work some evening shifts. In practice, that means managing the store and the bottle room alone. I also work in the Kauppakassi online shopping service sometimes. For example, if we get some student visitors, I’m usually the one to show them around.

There are no quiet moments when working at Prisma, and there are a lot of nice things to do. The online shopping service and grocery department are my favourites. I really wouldn’t change working at PKO for anything.