A visit to the Bomba House or Trattoria Pielinen in Nurmes leaves no one cold! After all, the visitor is greeted by shift manager and PRO finalist Tiina Pikkarainen, whose warm, professional and genuinely Karelian touch can’t be missed. When will there be the next opportunity to visit Bomba? 

My name is Tiina Pikkarainen. I work as a shift manager in the Bomba House and Trattoria Pielinen. I started working at the Bomba House about 17 years ago. Of course, I only became a PKO employee in 2016, when the Bomba area was acquired by the Northern Karelia Cooperative Society. PKO started to systematically develop the area, and I’ve been privileged to participate in the development work.

The best parts of this work include the variety in work tasks and enabling a successful service package for our customers. During my work shift, I take care of our wonderful customers. I guide them to their table, recommend dishes for them, look for suitable drinks with them and otherwise look after their wellbeing.

As an employer, PKO is reliable and solid and takes care of its employees. I’ve also been very happy with the supervisors’ support. It’s been particularly encouraging and motivating. We also have excellent employee benefits. I like to travel a lot, so my favourites are the hotel and restaurant benefits.

A lot has happened during my long career. I’ve always striven to develop my professional skills further, by studying alongside my work, for example. I’ve completed specialised vocational training for a hotel, restaurant and catering manager, as well as a degree in business administration. There have been memorable situations over the years. The most vivid one, of course, is my husband proposing to me in a service situation, and the latest is my entry in the PRO finals.

Every workplace has its particular characteristics. Here at PKO, the development of job descriptions starts with each employee. That’s why this is a workplace that suits me perfectly.