Tiina Hytti serves customers at Prisma Joensuu’s S-Bank outlet with such passion and warmth that customers have referred to her as “Our Tiina” in their feedback. Tiina was away from Prisma for 14 years but fortunately for us, a desire to work for PKO again made her return to us. 

My journey at PKO originally already started in 1996. I joined the company when there was a large-scale call for job applicants, and stayed for slightly more than ten years, working pretty much everywhere in the organisation. I already felt good about working here back then. However, my kids were so young then that I had to give some thought about my daytime job and try some other things. At that time, we already had our own company. I became an authorised real estate agent and left the company for 14 years.

Serving customers from start to finish has always been very important to me. The goal in every situation involving customers is to ensure that the customer is happy in the end. Although connecting people and properties was also rewarding in that respect, I still had the feeling of missing this place. So this has been a sort of a homecoming for me. It is as if I had returned to my old home – and I feel good about it!

I’m currently working at a bank service point in Prisma. I have four great months of this new work and the learning phase behind me. The work tasks are varied, and I also get to help somewhere other than the bank service point when required.

I think PKO is a safe employer, especially given my own age – I’m 56. If I were to suffer from any health problems, which is likely to happen to us all at some point, it will be possible the change the workstation or work assignment accordingly. PKO really supports people’s ability to continue working until their retirement age.

Our company is also known for having excellent employee benefits. A new benefit is the funding possibility. For example, we can transfer our annual bonuses directly to a fund and let them grow there into a nice pension fund.

As a returning employee, I can say that right now I have a job that suits me perfectly!